Business Philosophy

"Taking the common and doing it uncommonly well."

My aim is not to book as many jobs as possible into one day. I would much rather have 1 or 2 clients per day who will be positively delighted with their service, than 5 or 6 or 7 customers who will shrug and live with the marginal results they got.

My normal cleaning process is directed at people who want their carpets and upholstery to last as long as possible, and look as beautiful as possible while creating a cleaner healthier living environment. I enjoy taking time to answer questions and educate my customers. It is true that an educated customer is your best customer. Hopefully this website will help to educate and answer some of your questions.

Sadly, but to your benefit I worked for one of the “low price” companies for a few months. I believe too much in treating others as I want to be treated and that was a company I wanted NO PART OF. I quit after only 2 months. They have since been on FOX NEWS consumer reports for bad work ethics and there are quite a few  complaints against them at the Pinellas County Department of Consumer Protection. If you would like to check a business their web site is:

As you compare your carpet care providers, keep these factors in mind. Paying 3/4's, or 1/2, or even less for supposedly the same work (which it certainly is NOT) is usually a very false economy. However, often the price is not so far different than a full-service, client-oriented company would charge.

Some operators begin to truly believe that what they offer is no better and no worse than what anybody else offers and so they try to compete on price alone. Carpet cleaning is one of those industries.

After a while, it seems as if "everyone" puts out the same mediocre work product and charges about the same price. I do not consider these services to be my competition, since few of them provide oranges-to-oranges service.

There are always exceptions to the rules. I am one of the exceptions. I want to stand out, to be better and I’ll show you. I have always believed it treating others how I would want to be treated, business is no exception. Satisfaction is expected of any service. I want to go beyond that by "WOWING" you so that you will tell your neighbors and friends of the outstanding job I did.

If you have read this far I would like to thank you for taking the time to do so. I hope this will be the beginning to a long and pleasant relationship.

Best Regards,
Paul Kantor Owner
Carpet Cleaning By Paul