How Some Carpet Cleaners Illegally Mislead People With Coupons, Estimates and Other Gimmicks.

Tactic #1:  Unbelievably Low Price - Per Room Estimates
To some degree, all of us are attracted by low price because we want to work within a budget. But some carpet cleaners use price as a bait for their false and misleading advertising. They offer a cheap price -- usually between $5.95 and $9.95 per room -- and then, after they are in your home and have done a "spot test" where they have "deep cleaned" a 3'X3' area in each of your rooms, they pressure you into buying the "deep scrub" which is the proper way it should be cleaned to begin with.

Don't fall for the low ball ads. They always cost you more in the long run.

Tactic #2:  Bait and Switch - Dual Process Carpet Cleaning      

Today a lot of carpet cleaning services describe their service as a process of shampooing or heavy preconditioning, followed with hot water extraction cleaning. Unfortunately, unethical carpet cleaners offer "dual process" as a bait-and-switch technique.

Here's how it's done: First, they "bait" you with a basic cleaning (single process) at an unbelievably low price. Then, when they get in your house and make their 3'X3' CLEAN spots, (the deep scrub demonstration),they try to "switch" you to more expensive dual process cleaning. If you don't fall for their switch after the hard sell tactics and choose their basic service, you'll likely receive poor workmanship (done with 5 rooms and hall in 15 minutes or less) using little or no product (detergent and/or solvents), and they will not guarantee their work. When the carpet drys it will most likely look like nothing was done or look worse than before you had it "cleaned" and it will resoil quickly because only the top layer of dirt was removed. All the dirt that is left down in the carpet will "wick" back to the top as the carpet drys.